Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It is now November 4th.  A lot has happened since the last post.  We have seen God's hand in the work everyday.  For example:  President Zarbock asked me to get a plane flight for a sister to go to Pohnpei because we both thought the attorney said that she was clear to go. She had trouble getting her VISA renewed.  If she would have gone she may not have been able to leave Pohnpei because she didn't have the right paper work.  Apparently she is only clear to stay in Guam.  The day before she was to leave she talked to Line, who handles getting the permits and Visas and Line called me and said that she was not clear to go.  When I told President Zarbock he said it's a good thing God's hand was in this because we could have made a serious mistake.

The President needed Elder Hamilton to order new phones and get them to Chuuk as soon as possible.  He couldn't find any on Guam.   Elder Striplin used to serve on Palau and knew they had the phone we needed there.  He called the Zone Leaders and asked them to check.  They found 16 of them.  Guess where President and Sister Zarbock are going tomorrow?  You guessed it.  Palau.  They will be able to get them sent where they need to go or at least bring them back with them so Elder Hamilton can get them sent.  Not just coincidence.  It's God's hand furthering his work.

We just happened to go to the office on a Saturday for a short period of time and that was when a lady half way across the world was trying to get in touch with us because she couldn't get a money transfer to work and we were able to take care of the situation. 

We had one of the missionaries here whose family had been involved with gangs.  He ran into someone here on Guam that was from a rival gang and they had an unfriendly altercation.  He almost got in a fight but instead of letting the carnal man take over he walked away and then called for help.  President Zarbock was in a meeting so he told him to call Elder Hamilton.  Elder Hamilton has been able to talk to him about previous things and kind of earned his trust and he was able to point out to him that he was not here on his errand or his parents errand but was here on God's errand.  He thought it over and went right over and apologized to the guy and he was protected. 

Elder Hamilton has been trying to order a back window for a car for two months.  He had ordered it at least 3 times from companies and thought it was on it's way and then got contacted and told that they would charge $1000 dollars extra for shipping.  He cancelled the orders and kept looking.  He gave up the internet search and went to order it from the car dealership, which was going to be a lot more money and they ended up giving him a discount on the window and the shipping of over $200.  It ended up being less expensive than the others were going to be.

We went to drop a car off at the dock to be shipped to another island.  We had previously been told that we couldn't put anything in it so we didn't. We needed to ship a windshield to the same island and when Elder Hamilton got to the dock the worker there told him that he didn't care if he put the windshield in the car and shipped it so he went right over and bought it and turned the car in and when we got back to the office we found out that we weren't supposed to that.  It was too late.  The car was already there and we couldn't get it back.  The windshield got there and was in good shape and didn't cost anything extra to ship.  It saved maybe about $700 in shipping.

We hope that you will feel the spirit of the work and see what we see as miracles for yourselves.

We love serving the Lord and seeing his hand at work.  I hope we will become worthy to be in his presence someday and kneel at his feet and praise him for the suffering and the atonement for our sins. 

We also pray that our family will also be touched by God's spirit and kneel with us.

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