Sunday, February 14, 2016

 We had 6 new missionaries leave the mission at the end of their honorable service.  This was a hard transfer for us.  There were a lot of changes in the mission and especially here on Guam.  You gotta love them.  The last elder served a mini mission for one transfer.

Served a mini mission.

We had 12 new missionaries and one returning this transfer.  It was a very busy week with MLC and the trainers arriving and the 13 missionaries.  There were many, many trips back and forth to the airport. These are just a few of the arriving missionaries. I will add more when I get them.  There are also other missionaries in this picture.  8 of these are new.

A missionary got in an accident and we needed the van for all the missionaries coming and going.  Elder Hamilton used his farming skills to repair the van.  Zip ties and wire.  He is thinking about taking up auto body work when we return home.  Any takers?



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