Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Guam Zone Leaders planned a fun ward activity.  They created a video called meet the missionaries about their lives to show at the beginning.  We ended up missing that because we had to wait for other missionaries in the office.  I really want to see it soon.

After the video they had three different stations for people to rotate to.  One was learning a language.  They taught a few words in Palauan and Pohnpeian and had a contest which team could recite the conversation the fastest.  It was fun and interesting.  The second was a presentation on family history and the third was to have some of the group teach each other the restoration.  It was fun.  We had a young man teach us with one of the missionaries and he did a great job.  He will not be old enough to go for several years but it was good practice for all of us.

After the groups they did a relay race with three people from each group.  The had to get up, make the bed, get a shirt and tie on, look up some scriptures,  count out money for breakfast, eat a cracker, take the shirt and tie off, and get back in bed.  There were three on each team and they tried to be the first team finished.

After that the Bishop brought out 3 hotdogs each and had a contest with the missionaries to see who could eat them the fastest.  That was fun too.

It was a very well planned activity and I think all who came enjoyed it.

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