Sunday, September 25, 2016

We had the opportunity to go to the island of Palau.  It is a very clean and well trimmed island for the most part.  We inspected the missionaries apartments and cars.  It was so good to see all of the missionaries.  Some of them we have not seen for a long time.  Some of them we have seen recently as they have come to Guam.  The Zone Leaders showed us around to the apartments the first day we were there except one.  It got late and we didn't want to keep them from their work so we opted to wait until later to see the last one.  We were going to go see it Thursday but it got too late by the time the missionaries were through with their meetings and lunch and we had an appointment with a landlord.  
The missionaries are great there.  The landlords like having them in their rentals.  When there was a drought they took care of each other and didn't complain to the landlord.  

Palau Church House.

The view from our hotel.

This is called a bai.  It was used by men for meetings.  Women were not allowed in them.

What a special group of missionaries serving on Palau.  We met them at the church after their district meetings and went to lunch .  They were so kind to invite us to go with them.  We love our missionaries.  Thank you Elder Rupp and Elder Call for the tour.  You are the best.

 Oh.  Did you want a picture of me?

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