Friday, July 31, 2015

Last weekend a pageant was held on Kosrae celebrating the completion of the translation of the Book of Mormon in Kosraen.  The Spirit of God was present in all aspects of it.  It started with a family holding Family Home Evening and evolved into several scenes of Book of Mormon stories being depicted.  It ended back with the family and the father then stepped out of character and bore testimony of the Book of Mormon.  The members in Kosrae played the characters.

The other churches on the island held functions to entice people away.  Satan never misses a trick.  What he couldn’t stop was that the Book of Mormon was made known throughout the island.

President Zarbock told us that it was a miracle that the Book of Mormon was completely translated in Kosraen and will be in Chuukese as well.  The church has been translating part of the Book of Mormon in some languages but not the complete book.  They decided that they were no longer going to translate portions but since those two were started they decided to finish them completely.  None of the other islands are scheduled for translation.  Hopefully at some time in the future they will be.  That will be great for Guam because there are a lot of Chuukese people here on Guam.  We feel like we better learn Chuukese so we can understand the prayers and talks in sacrament meeting.  Many of them are given in Chuukese.  In some of the wards they have separate Gospel Essentials classes taught in Chuukese.

The people here in guam, as a whole, are very friendly.  They are very proud of their heritage. 

Today, on preparation day, the senior couples went to Rititian Beach and walked along the beach.  We also went into a couple of caves that were near there.  There were petroglyphs in one of the caves we went into.  Elder and Sister Guercio do a lot of research and tell us some history about the areas we see. We love the senior couples serving here in Guam.  We do a lot of things together. President and Sister Zarbock go when they can too.   We go to dinner together, have movie nights together, go exploring together, go to baptisms together, and go on walks together.  President Zarbock always says he’s living the dream.  He’s an excellent mission president and friend to all.  Sister Zarbock is very busy as well.  They are traveling about half of the time to the outer islands, as well as the things they do when they are here.  They are amazing.

Listening to Sister Guercio.

 Baptism in Barrigada Ward tonight.

Mission Leader Conference this weekend. 

Sisters Rock, Mika, Ta'ase, Bulewa.

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