Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We arrived at the MTC on June 29, 2015 to begin our new experience.  It was a great experience and the church is in good hands with the youth today.

Beautiful Hawaii.  We arrived on July 6th to begin training at BYU Hawaii.  On July 7the we met with John Bailey and President Wheelwright and Elder Graham to learn what the program entails.  We will continue the training for the next two days.  It is interesting to learn that the church is reaching out to help increase education worldwide.


  1. I'm so excited for the both of you and your new adventure! Our son is serving in Udot, Chuuk and loves it! Thank you for doing a blog and sharing your experiences with the MGM family. Good Luck and May God bless and keep you well!!! Xo
    ps. Did you serve in the Oquirrh Temple before your mission?

    1. Are you the Sister White that does initiatory on Sat nights?