Sunday, November 27, 2016

We hiked up a trail at Asan beach.  It was a beautiful view.

 Micronesia Guam Mission maintains two bus stops on Guam.  Unfortunately there are those that feel inclined to put graffiti on them.  
We took a turn painting over the graffiti and sprucing up the faded paint.

Here are some of the beauties of nature found in the waters around Guam.  
These were taken from an underwater viewpoint called "Fisheye'

We got new desks in the office and I wanted to take a picture of Elder Hamilton's desk while it was still clean.


It is a common thing to see zone pictures of the sisters posing for pictures.  Some of the guys thought they would also pose.  I say, leave it to the sisters.

Love to see more people join the fold of Christ.
Don't smile Elder Peles.
Awesome youth.

 Departing missionaries.  We will miss them so much.

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