Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Community Center.
Storage area for a store.
The Ayin family welcomed us to their home.  They were so kind to us.  They don't have a car.  They walk 5 miles for their church meetings each Sunday and in between as well.
Sister Ayin and Tracy

The Ayin family gave us coconut juice and oranges.  Another thing checked off our bucket list.

Brother Ayin built this house himself. He and his wife sleep here.

The rest of the family sleep here.
Elder Hamilton, Sister and Elder Brimhall, Sister and Elder Guercio.  Elder Brimhall is related to me.

Elder Hamilton, Sister Hamilton, Sister Brimhall, Sister and Elder Guercio.

This Equinox had two broken keys and so another one got ordered but had to be reprogrammed.  Elder Hamilton looked instructions up on the internet and gave them to these Elders and they got the car running.  Gm look out.

Just some of the things to see in Yap.  

 This is a privately owned yaght with a helicopter on it.

Elder Hamilton was given three of these during our visit to Yap. It is a symbol of affection presented when arriving or leaving.
 This is a Zone Conference.  We went there to meet the missionaries,

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