Saturday, August 29, 2015

We have been so busy the last two weeks.  We have worked in the office Monday through Friday each week as usual.  We have also attended 5 different baptisms.  It was transfer week this week.  Wow.  How crazy and busy and wonderful.  Several flights were delayed and some missed their flights.  But we are flexible.  We adapt. 

President Zarbock says that you have to laugh or you would cry.  I don't know how he and Sister Zarbock keep up and do all the wonderful things that they do.  They are amazing.

Training for the trainers was delayed for a day.  We had 12 newly arriving missionaries delayed one day because their flight was delayed in LA and they missed their connection in Honolulu because of it.  While there, one left his passport in the motel. One left his wallet on the plane before he left LA.  Luckily he had his passport so he could go on to the island but the other one is on Guam until his passport comes.

We have a great new group here and I know they are chosen missionaries for this mission at this time.

We also said goodbye to 6 wonderful missionaries and our office couple.  Our crutches left and now we have to stand on our own.  We love you all and pray for your continued growth in God's kingdom.

I have seen miracles happen this week.  Things like, Sister Hamilton can you make my flight for Thursday instead of Friday so I can come and do some shopping before I transfer.  I said, it's a good thing you called because your plane is scheduled for Thursday and not Friday.

Elder Hamilton called a mother about the lost passport and she said you are a miracle.  I just picked it up off the front porch and was wondering what address to mail it to and you called.

President Zarbock decided to go to Saipan at the last minute and I was able to book his flight when he wanted it but didn't think to rent a car for him.  At 10:30 P.M. the night before he was leaving I looked at the phone and saw a text he sent earlier asking if I got him a car.  I couldn't find a car for him.  I went to bed feeling terrible.  I woke up about three in the morning thinking about it and couldn't go back to sleep so I thought I would try again.  After trying Expedia and Kayak and other web sites I thought to try the car rental agencies individually and I was able to find him one.  I texted him at maybe 6:00 in the morning and he was at the airport and told him I found him a car.  God is watching over all of us.  He truly is in charge of this mission and we are so blessed to be able to watch the work unfold. 

A new senior couple arrived on August 18th.  Elder and Sister Williams are assigned to work in family history.  They are from North Dakota.  They are wonderful and it is a blessing to get to know them.  The senior couples work hard and work together to keep the mission running and we love and appreciate each one of the.  We miss the Martins deeply. 

I will attempt to post some pictures of the last two weeks mission experiences.  I hope you can feel the great spirit of the mission.  It's great to be instruments in God's hands.

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After the baptism we went to this peace garden.  It is to honor those who died in the World War II battle that took place on Guam.  There are Japanese caves below.

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