Saturday, August 15, 2015

We attended two baptisms yesterday.  One was a convert baptism and one was a baptism of record.  The awesome thing about these two baptisms is that they were both baptized by their fathers or husbands that either have been recently reactivated or recently baptized. 

           Elder Tafuna giving a talk on the restoration.          
Cathreen and A-reen were baptized by Brother Nameta.
Elder Tafuna, The Nameta Family, Sister Talakai, Sister Muamoholeva.

Back:The Jimmy family.  Front: Elder Striplin and Elder Gibb.
The awesome thing about this picture is that Isak gave the talk on baptism and he was just baptized two or three weeks ago.  He spoke with much conviction.  Sister Jimmy also gave a very heartfelt talk on the Holy ghost.

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