Thursday, October 1, 2015

 Kolini Picky came to the office one day to ask if I could help him get a letter showing that he was registered to go to BYU Hawaii.  I didn't know how but I did know how to find out.  I emailed Janey at BYUH and she sent me a website that he could go to.  I guess this is why we were trained  in Hawaii on our way to Guam.  We have been able to talk to a lot of missionaries about the programs they offer for the islanders and financing.  I don't know how many of them go home and do anything about it but we have had information to give to them anyway.  God has a hand in everything.
 This little girl was so excited to be baptized.
 The wonderful Sisters Aviata and Baum.

Aren't they a fine looking group.


Elders McComb and Canakaivata giving the Restoration talk.
 Happiness Itchin.  He is the first Chuukese to be baptized.
 Elder Tafuna.  Jeni sings at a lot of the baptisms in Chuukese.  Some day I will be able to understand some of the words.

Elders Striplin, Gibb and Lainos.  Elder Lainos is on his way home to Pohnpei after serving his mission.

 Guam Zone Conference.

The lovely Sister Zarbock.  What a great inspirational speaker.

 Missionaries giving their final testimonies at a Zone Conference before departing.

Elder Ladore

 Sister Mario
 Elder Canakaivata
 I took many more pictures but somehow I put extra pictures on the corner of the picture.

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  1. I love seeing pictures of Sister Baum! She tells me the Hamiltons are awesome. Thanks for all you do to help our younger missionaries, I truly appreciate it!