Friday, October 9, 2015

This week was transfer week.  We had 9 new missionaries come and only five leave.  We are sorry to see the five leave but are blessed to have the such well prepared missionaries to serve in the
Micronesia Guam Mission.

 Our departing missionaries. MGM will never be the same without them.
Elder Bunn, Elder Peterson, Sister Pahulu, Elder Mott, Elder Ladore.
What's with the shades Sister Pahulu.

Our wonderful newbies.
Sister Hauata. Elders Malupo, Pond, Guyman, Beckstead, Jenkins, McCluskey, Zonts, Hanson.
We couldn't ask for better.

These are the old missionaries.

We attended Sunday meetings with the Merizo Group.   There are some saints that don't have transportation so they formed this group so they could have sacrament meeting.  They started out having a literal sacrament meeting.  Opening song, opening prayer, sacrament, closing song, and closing prayer.  They meet on the patio of someones building by the bay.  The bishop told them that they needed to hold all three meetings so they did the day we were there.

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